Tim Vaughan

Tim VaughanTim Vaughan Jessamine County 2ndDistrict Magistrate

Tim Vaughan has been a resident of Jessamine county for 25 years and a Magistrate for Jessamine county for 15 years.
He is a family man who cares about Jessamine county's future.


  • Actively worked on passage of noise ordinance to aid residents from barking dogs.
  • Obtained $50,000 in Transportation Finds for several guard rails in High Bridge and on Shun Pike.
  • Voted against raising taxes and voted against the creation of new taxes.
  • Secured funds for Wilmore Pavilion behind the Rice House.
  • McGee Lane re-pavement.

    Many of Tim's
    accomplishments include:

    Shun Pike Shun Pike

    In 2007 Tim secured $24,000 in Kentucky Highway funds which paid for the installation of 1175 feet of guard rail on Shun Pike just north of the Hopeful Acres farm.

    Jessamine county guardrailJessamine Station Guardrail

Pavillion Wilmore Tim Vaughan
Wilmore Pavillion

Tim secured the funds for the pavilion where Gospel On the
Green program takes place in Wilmore every spring and summer.

Guard Rail          Tim Vaughan

Lock 7 road in High Bridge Tim obtained $30,000 for guard rail.

Fire House Emergency Station

Tim successfully lobbied the County Judge Executive for the funding and construction of the emergency station on US 68 bordering the Ichthus campgrounds. County fire trucks and ambulances are both housed here which both serve the needs of southwest Jessamine County.

Highbridge RoadHigh Bridge Road

In 2007 Tim secured over $9,000 in Kentucky Highway funds paying for the placement of 375 feet of guard rail alongside High Bridge Road. The guard rail was placed where a major curve in the road exists along with a significant drop off point on the east side of the road.

Impassible Bridge sign

Primary May 22, 2018

tim Vaughan stars line

Election Nov 6, 2018

" I want to hear your ideas about how I can make Wilmore, US 68 corridor, Brannon Road, and High Bridge a better place to live."


Tim will fight to keep the
Wilmore, US 68 corridor and

High Bridge area beautiful,
peaceful and historical for
our families.

Currently, Tim is working on
drafting an ordinance that would
allow more home based


Tim has an open door policy. Tim will be available to the needs and ideas of each citizen. Please feel free to contact Tim Vaughan.

Impassable Road Sign
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